An overview of publications of projects which used the data of NET-QUBIC.

Verdonck-de Leeuw et al. Advancing interdisciplinary research in head and neck cancer through a multicenter longitudinal prospective cohort study: the NETherlands QUality of life and BIomedical Cohort (NET-QUBIC) data warehouse and biobank. BMC Cancer 2019. Publication link.

Annette van Nieuwenhuizen (PhD VUmc) wrote in 2014 a paper about the pilot study of NET-QUBIC.

Vitória Piai, PhD Radboudumc with project “Cognitive function in relation to speech problems in head and neck cancer prior to treatment”. Publication: link (NCBI)

Mirosevic et al. Prevalence and clinical and psychological correlates of high fear of cancer recurrence in patients newly diagnosed with head and neck cancer. Head Neck 2019. Publication link. 



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